klezmer fiddle music


A new project of original compositions drawing from over twenty five years experience playing, recording, teaching and loving klezmer fiddle music from Eastern Europe.

UNHINGED IN TIME encapsulates Daniel’s approach to playing traditional music in the modern world. While deeply immersed in the tradition of klezmer fiddle, UNHINGED IN TIME spans a range from traditional to “not so much” - incorporating elements of jazz, rock, Western classical music, and Middle-Eastern Music. Reaching back to the threadbare and itinerant world that Jewish and Roma musicians lived in in pre-war Eastern Europe, Daniel moves freely between centuries and genres, refusing to treat the style as a museum exhibit.

Based on the rediscovered music from this vast repertoire of hauntingly beautiful instrumental music, UNHINGED IN TIME extends and revitalizes a fiddle tradition that all but disappeared by the 1930s.

The repertoire includes original zhoks, terkishes, bulgars, freilechs, kolomeikes, and the highest artistic expression of Eastern European Jewish music, the doina.  Related to the Turkish taxim, a doina is a free-flowing expressive melodic exploration, both inward-looking and technically challenging.

Having mastered most of the Romanian-style Jewish doinas recorded in Europe and America before 1925, Daniel set out to compose new Jewish music, combining the nineteenth-century forms with his own soulful, irreverent sensibility.



The violin, or fiddle, was the central voice and heart of Eastern European Jewish folk music for centuries. But by the late 19th Century,

the world was getting louder and the instrumentation of the bands started to change. When Jewish soldiers came home from forced service in the Tsar’s army, the violin’s intimate voice got lost among army-issued brass, wind and percussion instruments. By the late 1930s, it was hard to find a traditional band of fiddle, tsimbl, and bass. The clarinet was better suited to the primitive early recording technology as well. The klezmer style experienced a worldwide revival in the late 1970's and the uniquely vibrant Yiddish fiddle style made a comeback soon after. 

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photo by Natalie Muallem